Got sick of California politics. Happy to be back in Boulder City Neva

Got sick of California politics. Happy to be back in Boulder City Nevada!

March 19, 2018

Got sick of California politics. Happy to be back in Boulder City Nevada!

I grew up in Las Vegas, NV. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to see what it was like to live in a beachfront home in Southern California. I found the perfect place, a condo right on the beach in San Diego. For a while, it was paradise. Watching the beautiful sunsets every night, listening to the waves and seabirds, smelling the negative ion rich clean ocean air day in and day out, I felt truly blessed.  

Fast forward 3 years.  The sunsets are still beautiful, but you know what's not? The sad state of affairs in California. Because of the mild weather, California has become over-run with indigent people living on the streets, many Veterans who served our country, and while the state does a great job of giving illegals a free ride (food - education - housing - right to vote) they don't seem to give 2 shits about the veterans who fought for our country!  Every block of downtown San Diego smells like a toilet and has people living on the sidewalk. Same for most parts of Los Angeles.  Over time, that along with 101 other things started to weigh on me until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to go back home to Boulder City, NV, a place just south of Las Vegas where gambling is illegal, people take care of one another, and common sense is still common. I can't say the same about California politics. There are many great people who live there, and for their sake, I hope California splits into 2 states. If they do, I may move back to San Diego, which is a great place to live if you can ignore the problems mentioned above. Until then, I'm happy to be back home!  

Some people can be happy living in a mansion while people outside their wall are eating out of a garbage can and sleeping on the streets. I can't. California has turned into a 3rd world country. The political priorities are way out of place! They roll out the red carpet for people who are breaking our laws and treat those who fought for our country, many of which need mental health care as well as community support in order to become functioning contributing members of our society again, with complete contempt. Last year a church group tried to feed the homeless and give them counseling to see what they could do to help and the local police gave those good Christian folks fines, stating that it was against the law to feed the homeless without a city permit in a city park. So the cops broke up the love fest quickly and chased everyone off. The police in California don't want churches to feed the homeless. I guess their hearts only bleed for those who can further their political agenda. 

I'm not a political person. I know both sides are owned by Intl Bankers and secret societies. All I care about is living the "law of love", liberty, freedom, and doing all I can to show love for my fellow man. I also support adherence to the rule of law in the USA and other countries as I travel. Anarchy might sound like a good idea, as well as Socialism, but believe me, they don't work because those at the top will always live like Kings while they force the 99% to live like dogs. (proof)  Sorry if this sounds political, it's not. Like I said, I'm a-political and feel the system in the USA is set-up to create division, not solutions. I'm more a "acts not words" person. Bottom line, THANK GOD FOR BOULDER CITY NV! 

PS: We're going to establish a shared retail location just south of the Mandalay Bay, give us a few weeks, it's in the works. 

PS2: I love the liberal views of non-discrimination and trying to help the least among us. It's wrong to hate anyone for how they were born.  I love the conservative views of fiscal responsibility and adherence to the rule of law. I hate that our political parties create division, hate, and anger while failing to solve the problems both sides want to solve (and would solve) if we simply lived the principles from the "law of love".  ie, the "game" is fixed to cause division and human suffering, and from achieving personal or political peace, so I shut it all out and do what I can to help people one on one or those who enter my "circle". One of my objectives in the years to come is to create a non-profit that gifts solar powered ozone generators to poor communities in underdeveloped countries to help prevent childhood diseases that are caused by tainted water supplies and would be much more effective than vaccines. (vaccines = sterilization project, not to end human suffering) I know that treating their drinking water and water carrying containers with ozone will help end human suffering among the most innocent among us, children. 

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May 02, 2018

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