Going back on Amazon soon.

Going back on Amazon soon.

October 31, 2018

Going back on Amazon soon.

The fact of the matter is that Amazon is the King of Internet shopping. We quit them a few years ago over intellectual property issues.  I also recently quit Facebook over privacy issues, but the fact is, if you want to sell online  reach the largest audience possible and do well, you have to use Amazon and Facebook. I gave it the old college try but it's time to face the harsh reality, I need Amazon. (Especially since we don't advertise.)

One of the things I miss about Amazon are the customer reviews. When we were on Amazon, we had the highest rated machines, 4.6 and 4.7 out of 5. We also had the lowest prices. I'm sure that history will soon repeat itself as our solid state closed circuit compact ballasts and Jumbo 10g ozone plates beat the pants off of the  Chinese designed ozone generators and plates. When a fan or transformer burn out in a cheap Chinese ozone generator, you'll have to pay $30 shipping or more to get your machine fixed, and $30 to have it returned. When our transformer fails, it weights only 1 lb and you'll only pay $6 to ship it back for a free replacement! Our ozone generators are DESIGNED so that they can easily be fixed, hence the name "Forever Ozone".  Why would anyone buy a disposable ozone generator designed to keep the factories in China churning out land fill fodder when they can do business with a US company that designs superior products that cost less and actually takes the time to answer the phone and give great advice? They wouldn't, but since we're not on Amazon, our products are not being discovered, and that is about to change.

Amazon doesn't allow us to charge our customers who buy directly from Forever Ozone.com less, but it can't stop us from offering a "Free Gift" to our foreverozone.com customers, and that's exactly what we'll do. A gift valued at $10 to $15 with every purchase of $50 or more will be included with your foreverozone.com order for now on. Our way of saying "THANK YOU" for buying direct, but if you prefer to order from Amazon, all we ask is that you leave an honest review of our products and service. Great customer service, low prices, and great products is how we've grown our business, and we plan on using that recipe for success moving forward. Thank you to our loyal customers for your continued support, and may God continue to Bless you and your family! 



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