God Created our Simulation - With Rules! Cleanliness is Next to Godlin

God Created our Simulation - With Rules! Cleanliness is Next to Godliness. Ozone Sanitizes - Kills the Bad Guys!

April 19, 2018


I don't believe in evolution. I do believe that animals can adapt, there is plenty of proof that occurs all around us. But increase the number of genes?  That has never been shown to happen. How could a simple celled single gene microbe develop into us? It never happened. We have now mapped genes and DNA.  We now know the DNA molecule is literally encoding information into an alphabetic or digital form. Think about that for a second!  The more we learn about genes and DNA, the more we discover a code (numbers or letters - same thing). Therefore, to me, evolution is a religious belief, and a "creator" or god that created the code, this matrix if you will, while also a religious belief, makes much more sense to me than an explosion that occurred out of "nothing" to create the code that exists in all things. (I believe in math) Also, why is it that the "law of attraction" and "karma" seems to be true which suggest that obeying "true principles" brings forth good, positive results, and doing the opposite produces undesirable effects? Why is that if we are nothing but masses of evolved matter?  Why is it we can use secrets regarding frequency and vibration to heal, to access other dimensions?  Also, why is it that statistically, people who believe in god and adhere to a belief system live longer, happier lives?  I've also noticed that money and fame don't buy happiness. I see many Hollywood types using drugs to escape reality, complaining about depression, and committing suicide despite living in the lap of luxury and having millions in the bank. 

I follow the latest developments in quantum physics and science. I also apply common sense to what I know and learn. First, about ozone, the simple fact is that everything that can do us harm, cause disease and illness, is destroyed by ozone! Molds, bacteria, viruses, parasites, microorganisms, VOC's, pollution, all broken down or destroyed by ozone! The bible says that God is cleanliness, ozone cleans things! Also worth mentioning, sometimes when a person encounters a demonic presence, they often mention that a nasty, rotten smell similar to sulfur or rotting eggs manifested along with the drop in temperature. This phenomenon has been recorded by thousands of people around the world. Why is it that the presence of the "spirit" leaves a warm feeling in your heart but the presence of evil makes the temperature drop? Why is it that evil is often accompanied by foul smells?  Coincidence? No. It's the nature of our existence (plus minus, ying-yang, good bad, etc) Ozone is the opposite of bad odors, it's the fresh scent after a rainstorm or up high in the mountains! Why don't people bless their living area with ozone? Ignorance. 

Years ago I got to know one of the physicists who worked in the Philidelphia experiment (I blogged about it a while ago) Al Beliek (sic). At the time, he was living in California (and very old). He bought an ozone machine from me too, in his words, drive away an evil spirit that was tormenting his younger sister in her old home. He said that he believed ozone could break down the DNA that those electromagnetic entities need to communicate with our physical matrix. He theorized our DNA acts like an "antenna" and that we all leave behind specks of our DNA in the form of dead skin, hair, spit, or any of our organic material (blood, semen, etc.). So, he set out to perform ozone shock treatments to destroy the DNA that was left behind, hopefully. He called back and told me it worked, no more things falling, no more entities attacking his sister. By the way, what an interesting guy! I spoke with him for hours, and he shared with me some pretty amazing stories about his life that sounded more like science fiction but in retrospect, were probably all true. I wish now I would have recorded him! I think he helped me down the rabbit holes I've gone down since then in my quest for the "truth" about the nature of our existence.

Okay, last and least, (in the grand scheme of things), the proof I've gathered that we live in a simulation, and what exactly that means. I've always been interested in numbers, partially because I was born on 9-9 of a number 9 year (999). So I studied numerology, the bible code, and Gematrix. Lately, I've looked into "sacred geometry" and Teslas' 3-6-9 theory. When I combine that knowledge with Physics, String theory, the Bible, and praying for inspiration, I see that we are all living in a structured data matrix. Furthermore, the creator of said matrix or simulation and data structure included a data correcting code in the algorithm. That error correcting code is what evolutionists refer to as the ability for species to adapt that leads to variation and retention of positive traits. We also know, because of math, that this code will never "evolve" into that code. That would be like having 2 plus 2 add up to 5. That's not how math works. The "theory" of evolution and the "big bang" (among other things) was created by Luciferian Freemasons to deceive people and hide the existence of a creator and the nature of said creation. I also think it's relevant that supersymmetry (adinkras) in nature reinforces the truthfulness of this data correcting code within the fabric of our existence!

Yes, there was a creator, we didn't come from "nothing" as the big bang suggests, that is nonsensical to think that nothing can explode! It makes total sense that a creator created this simulation for us to test our souls to see if it is worthy of higher consciousness. To get there, we must first live "the law of love" and evolve if you will spiritually (by obeying "true principles") and have a "come to Jesus" moment where we give our heart to God in lieu of the grace He so generously offers us. (That is what I believe) To save ourselves from odors, illness, and disease, the creator gave us, among other things, ozone. Those who seek and employ it will find cleanliness and a mold, virus, bacteria and parasite free environment. (maybe demon free as well) I make our ozone generators to create the higher concentrations needed to accomplish those feats. I thank God every day that he gave us ozone to protect us from the "bad guys" and help me and my family stay healthy and protected. We were warned that in the last days, bad will be called good and good will be called bad, ozone definitely fits that bill! 

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