Foreverozone products are no longer available on Amazon.

Foreverozone products are no longer available on Amazon.

November 01, 2017

Amazon is evil.

Why do we know we can prosper without any pay per click advertising or having our products listed on eBay or Amazon?  Simple. We have unique, only found here, highly effective, low-cost ozone generators and over 20,000 past customers that love our products.  But most importantly I believe, we answer the phone and give great advice! (Priceless these days).  We like to answer the phone and help our customers learn the ins and outs of how to properly use ozone.  That's information you can't get from the instruction manual of a cheap Amazon ozone generator, and information we only share with our paid customers!


Bottom line, we were I believe the only vendor on Amazon that would pick up the phone and walk ozone newbies step by step on how to perform a proper ozone shock treatment, how to make ozonated oils, how to kill mites or bed bugs with ozone, etc etc. Not only will we save on average $2000 a month on Amazon commissions moving forward, we will be able to provide better customer service (fewer sales but more profits) and lower prices. People will buy an underpowered $70 machine and think they can get rid of odors or kill mold in their entire home and when their machine fails, because those machines are designed to fail rather quickly, they'll turn to us eventually anyway, so no worries! 


Don't get me wrong, It was a tough decision, quitting Amazon, since Amazon dominates online sales, but right is right and wrong is wrong. Globalism is misguided! Putting Americans out of business and sending our money overseas is wrong!  Forever Ozone has never lined the pockets of Google or Facebook or any other pro-globalist agenda company with our hard earned money (via pay per click ads), but we did sell on Amazon despite their 16% commission fee. Why? Necessity. Plus the good ratings over the years. They helped our website and phone sales.  However, starting in November of 2017, we decided to pull the plug on Amazon and rely 100% on happy customer referrals, past customers, and organic search engine results. This will help us keep our prices much lower than our competition and help make a statement: AMERICA FIRST! 


So there it is. We are going to continue to grow our business by designing and manufacturing the best bang for your buck, longest lasting ozone generators, by providing the best service before and after the sale, and by answering the phone and helping our customers rather than relying on Amazon to bring us some new customers. If you're the best, you don't need to advertise or sell on Amazon. Customers will come to you, and we feel we have the best ozone generators for "ozone shock treatments" and water and oil ozone machines for wellness and water sanitation.  Also, sometime in 2018, we plan on setting up Forever Ozone dealers nationwide that will be able to sell, rent, or perform ozone shock treatments in their local area, so sign up for our newsletter to be altered about that advent to our service.  


What, besides the fact we don't share Amazons globalist worldviews, are we quitting Amazon?   Amazon recently changed their return policy to allow customers to get their money back, get this, without even having to return the product!  This allows a certain type of customers to buy a brand new ozone generator then return it 30 days later and get 100% of their money back!  That is ridiculous, given that the ozone machine could have collected toxic mold and will need a new ozone plate.  Worse of all, if the customer says the machine broke, and they file an A-Z claim, most of the time Amazon allows these rip-off artists to keep the ozone generator and get their money back!  Why does Amazon do this? Dirty little secret - Amazon sources their own ozone generators directly from China. They also source most products that become "hot sellers" and create Chinese knock-offs of the USA designed originals.  Amazon has people on the ground in China to help Chinese manufacturers and sellers get their products into their USA warehouses as easy as possible.   A perfect example is the $69.99 ozone generators sold on Amazon (all the exact same - sold by different names)  Those come directly from China, that is how they can offer a product that cost $45 to source from China for $79.99 or less despite a 16% commission, customs fees, sea freight from China, and shipping the 8 lb ozone generator to your door. (Final profit per unit under $20 - ie, they lose money once you factor in returns)  Those cheap Chinese ozone generators crap out within a few months or less if used daily and can only perform a shock treatment in areas up to 350 or 500 square feet, not enough to do your entire home at one time (what we offer with our 10, 20, or 50,000 mgh ozone generators).  Why do they crap out? Ozone levels inside the metal box are very high, and over time, rust the very thin copper parts of the timer and the on-off switch.  The machine will just stop working, and it's next to impossible to find out why. Most are just tossed into the garbage.  Some within 20-30 hours of use. 


If you buy an ozone generator on Amazon, there is probably a 50-50 chance it was used before (returned), dusted off, and sold as new.  What if it was used to treat toxic black mold, and when you turn it on it shoots black mold into your house?  What is the vendor to do? Get stuck with the used ozone generator? 


If you need to use an ozone generator just one time, and you don't need any advice or help during your shock treatment (they don't provide any help or service after the sale), and you have low morals or don't mind ripping someone off,  then use Amazon and enjoy their easy return policy.  However, if you need an ozone generator and plan on using it to keep your home mold, odor, and parasite free for the long haul, and you want to be able to pick up the phone and get advice or help, and you want to support a US business that designs and builds their own ozone generators in the USA, then buy from us. We offer professional advice, service after the sale, and will be in business for generators despite Amazon because what they sell is cheap Chinese crap that doesn't last and runs hot (ozone plates run over 140 degrees) and produces high levels of Nitric Oxide.  I'm sorry if this post sounds angry or bitter at the current state of affairs, but it had to be said. 

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