Forever Ozone now selling on Ebay - Fixed Price.

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Forever Ozone now selling on Ebay - Fixed Price.

March 19, 2018

Forever Ozone now selling on Ebay - Fixed Price.

I've decided to add eBay and later Facebook and some other venues (except for Amazon, I refuse to help them put Americans out of work with their business model) in order to help us continue to grow our business.

Ozone shock treatments to solve certain problems requires a consultive sale. You won't get that from Amazon or eBay sellers but you will be able to pick up the phone and get help with your particular application from Forever Ozone, and that's why we continue to grow our business year in and year out.  Next month, we're going to help our customers who have purchased our Commercial Ozone Generators make extra cash renting their ozone generators in their community. That will be an "opt in" program that's still in the works, check back late this month for the information on exactly how that will work. In the meantime, we've decided to expand our reach by adding several new sales channels starting with eBay.  We'll offer the same price here as we do there, however, since we don't have to pay a commission with orders purchased from our website, we're going to start including a "free gift" with every sale. (with a retail value of $5 - $10)  Our way of saying "THANK YOU" for buying direct and saving us money! 

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