Forever Ozone has new Business Partners!

Forever Ozone has new Business Partners!

November 10, 2018

Forever Ozone Growing Business

Forever Ozone has always been a family business, but that's about to change. I've made a deal with some heavy hitters in the nutraceutical and medical industry to create medical ozone devices and expand our product line to include UV and Air Purifiers!  

I'm an inventor, not a business man.  I can't promise my new partners will share my ideas on pricing and keeping overhead down, as a matter of fact I know they plan on having an advertising budget and selling on multiple channels including Facebook and Amazon, but hey, they're the business people, not me. I'm just an idea guy - engineer. In other words, next year you're going to see some changes to Forever Ozone. 

One thing that will not change is our commitment to customer service or our lifetime warranty. Nothing will change. Also, I insisted we "grandfather" in our past customers who bought our machines at a lower price so that in the future, no matter what the price, they can purchase a new machine at the same price. I recently sold one of our customers our Digital water ozonator and a 3500 bare bones air ozone generator for $125 because his friend bought that special last year and he wanted in. No problem!  As long as the unit is still for sale, we'll honor previous specials. 

Before I got into ozone, I sold air purifiers. I've had ideas for a  while on chemical and smoke reduction air purifiers that can sell for 1/2 of what similar machines cost and feature re-chargeable carbon filters, UVC, and Hydroxyl Radicals oxidizers rather than ozone for applications where people are present, for instance a smoky bar.  I needed financial partners to make those inventions a reality, same with my medical grade oxygen fed ozone generators. Now I have them, and I'm excited to see what the future brings! 

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