DIY Box Fan Conversion Kit Now Available

DIY Box Fan Conversion Kit Now Available

November 29, 2017

Box fan ozone generator kit

I'm not ashamed to say that I pray daily and ask for guidance to help me come up with ozone generator designs that can create the highest ozone concentrations at the lowest possible price to help Forever Ozone compete, no, beat the socks off of Amazon. My latest inspiration is a box fan conversion kit that turns our solid-state transformers and a box fan into a commercial high output ozone generator for a fraction of what others charge (and with a better design to keep the ozone plates cool).  I realize that most folks don't want to invest $400 in a commercial ozone generator.  Contractors mostly purchase those units, and they pay for themselves in just one day.  Solution?  A $160 ozone generator kit that allows homeowners to convert a 20" box fan into a 20,000 mg/h ozone generator strong enough to do an entire 2000 sq ft house in one shot. If you already own one of our 20,000 mgh ozone generators, you can use those 2 transformers, plates, and power cords to turn this $160 kit into a 40,000 mgh machine capable of doing 4000 sq foot structures.   


It's all about cooling the ozone plates and moving air. Nothing I could think of moves more air and cools the ozone plates better than this design. Over 2400 CFM of air hits the ozone plates from the top side. Air has to escape towards the roof at that high velocity and cools the back side of the ozone plate that is only 1.5 inches away from the front service panel.  The fan cost under $20 at Walmart. The transformers once they burn out will cost $18 to replace/free shipping, same with the ozone plates.  If you lose a transformer you're still in business.  The 15 minute interval time and surge protector are incorporated as is 2-day shipping in the $160 price for the 20,000  mg/h kit. Just an awesome deal.  I'm thankful for this latest inspiration and hope it will continue to allow Forever Ozone to compete with Amazon and grow our business "grassroots" without having to spend money on the 16% Amazon commission or Google pay per click advertising so that we can keep our prices as low as possible.  If you're a business owner I'm sure you think we're crazy, but believe me, doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. 

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