Is "ozone and nicotine a bad combination for asthma" as one Berkely st

Is "ozone and nicotine a bad combination for asthma" as one Berkely study suggested? Yes and no.

April 26, 2019

Berkley ozone smoke study flawed.

If own a home, and a tenant smokes inside, and you don't perform (or have someone perform) high concentration ozone shock treatments to restore the home to its previous non-smoked in condition, then you will be, with 100% certainly, negligently harming the future tenants by exposing them to the toxic compounds from the third hand smoke damage.  Their lungs, 100% for sure, will be exposed to  thousands of toxic chemicals that leach out into the air from third hand smoke damage. Not wise, given we live in a litigious society. 

Ozone from a professionally performed ozone shock treatment (not from an ozone air purifier) is the only cleaning modality that can break down the toxic third hand smoke damage on all surfaces into tiny tiny particles that once airborne, can easily be flushed out of the structure. If you think you can use air purifiers to address second and third hand smoke damage, you will eventually find out you were sold a non truth. 

Air purifier sellers love to quote a study that came out of the University of Berkley that some suggest proves ozone generators cause more harm than good when used to combat second and third hand smoke. That of course is not at all what the study found. The study simply found that ozone breaks down nicotine and the thousands of chemicals found in second and third had smoke into tiny particles. That is 100% true. That is how ozone works. It breaks the hydrogen bonds in chemicals and breaks them down, often into smaller non toxic substances. Now that those toxic chemicals are no longer slowly leaching into the air, but instead broken down, airborne, they can then easily be flushed out of the structure. Those toxic chemicals can't be cleaned up or painted over (they will still off-gas slowly, over time) and if you don't employ ozone to break them down, they will slowly leach out over a 30 or so year period of time where everyone inside will have their lung health destroyed. What this study fails to point out is that after an ozone shock treatment is performed to remediate third hand smoke damage, negative pressure is created to draw air in via open windows and out via a strong fan placed in one widow downstairs. After an hour, all of those tiny particles are thus blown outside and fresh air is drawn in. This is the professional industry standard. 

People who buy Forever Ozone generators know this fact.  It's in our manuals and since I'm easily accessible to my customers on the phone, they can also get this information if they call and ask about ozone for getting rid of second hand smoke damage.  I was an IAQ certified tester 20 years ago and share my air purifying experience with my customers, including how to safely and effectively use ozone. Here are my other problems with this study:

1) They seem to advocate air purifiers and discourage use of ozone generators. Air purifiers cannot move enough air to remove third hand smoke damage (that constantly off-gasses from all surfaces) from a room damaged with toxic third hand smoke damage. Clearly, nobody should breath first or second hand smoke, that is obvious. However, what if that smoke damage can be sucked into an air scrubber where carbon, ozone, and filters can break down and trap the damage?  Casino operators have been known to use ozone generators in their HVAC systems to turn second hand smoke into oxygen (when smoke hits ozone, oxygen is made) and then filter out the tiny particulates utilizing a plethora of air cleaning technologies. Ozone however is the key to that air cleaning modality that works and keeps high end casino's from smelling like an ash tray and more importantly, from damaging their carpets, walls and furniture. 

2) Air purifiers can't remove the chemicals that off-gas third hand smoke damage. They will continue to slowly off-gas for 30 years making people sick. 

BETTER IDEA: Educate the public about the need to flush out the tiny particles after an ozone shock treatment to force the off-gassing of toxic chemicals from second hand smoke and then widely recommend ozone shock treatments to remediate third hand smoke damage. 

Bottom line, if you move into a home with third hand smoke damage and it's making you sick, the lawyer you hire to sue your insurance company (you will get lung damage, lung infections, asthma and will be damaged) will contract with Servpro or another restoration contractor who will then proceed  to use ozone generators to clean up the toxic mess. They won't contact with the University of Berkeley to go singing kumbaya and miraculously wish the toxic damage away with air purifiers, vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. Ozone is the only air cleaning modality that can clean up the toxic mess that is created when someone smokes indoors. 

Ozone is a sanitizing super charged oxygen gas that can go into every nook and cranny and break down the hydrogen bonds in those 1000's of chemicals so that they can be turned into tiny particulates (as shown in the study) and then unceremoniously shown the door! (literally) This study does a disservice to people suffering from the health damaging consequences of breathing second and third hand smoke who otherwise might opt to perform an ozone shock treatment by themselves using our protocol and in turn vastly improve their indoor air quality, especially for their kids!  Kids who live with that toxic mess end up getting asthma, how ironic given the nature of their study blaming ozone for their asthma. Many of these folks are scared into the arms of Kilz paint that promises them they can get rid of smoke damage simply by painting over it! That is another lie. The toxic waste in third hand smoke can and does off-gas right through Kilz paint. Dozens of customers have told me on the phone that they thought they could get rid of the smoke odors simply by painting over the walls with Kilz, only to have customers complain of third hand smoke odors months later.  

What else. This study wants us to assume, like all studies that poo-poo ozone, that breathing the byproduct of the ozone shock treatment, the tiny particles it creates as it breaks down those dangerous off-gassing chemicals, will take place after the professional ozone shock treatment. If someone uses our ozone generators, that is just not the case. All professionals I know that perform ozone shock treatments to restore a third hand smoke damaged building or home back to it's pre-damaged state "air out" a place afterwards to bring in fresh air from outside and expel the all of the air that was "shocked" with the activated oxygen.   We go in with masks, even after the ozone shock treatment, and open all of the doors and windows and put powerful fan (or fans) in the lowest point of the structure to blow the air out and force fresh air in. That is our protocol and we've taught it to many contractors. 

I've blogged many times on the best way to clean your indoor air and it sure doesn't involve using a table top air purifier, that's for sure. It does involve performing periodic ozone shock treatments to kill the molds, viruses, fungus, bacteria, VOC's, smoke damage, mite feces, (and kill mites) that make indoor air 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and if you have pets, 10-20 times worse!  

So the bottom line on that study is this. Ozone breaks down the toxins that coat all of the surfaces in a structure when it's been contaminated with third hand smoke damage. It breaks that toxic soup down into tiny particles so that they can be removed from all surfaces and substrates in the area and then flushed out the window after the ozone shock treatment is over.  If more smoke damage comes to the surface via the off-gassing process, an ozone shock treatment should then be repeated for as many times as it takes to get rid of those toxic gases. Sometimes it takes days. Sometimes weeks, depending on the variables. But rest assured, team ozone ALWAYS WINS!  There is no such thing as a ozone resistant bacteria and there surely doesn't exist any toxic chemical that ozone can't destroy and break down and make it cease to exist!  Can I get a hip hip hurray for team ozone, the god particle that destroys the bad stuff that makes us sick and shows it the door?  (HIP HIP HORRAY! ) Thanks ;-) 

Follow the professional ozone shock treatment process Forever Ozone proclaims  to remediate toxic second and third hand smoke damage and to do the job right, and to restore things to "like new" conditions so that you can get your life back and move on to more important things, like living the law of love and giving thanks to our creator!  We were given this remarkable particle, ozone, to help us fight off the negative particles that exist here in our material matrix, so now that you know the truth, go and sin no more!  (stop using Febreze, lol)   

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