California Fire Smoke Damage. How to Remove Smoke Odors.

California Fire Smoke Damage. How to Remove Smoke Odors.

November 11, 2018

How to remove smoke damage.

NOTE: 20% off through Thanksgiving to anyone in California effected by the fires AND to 1st responders and law enforcement anywhere. Just call to get the code. (they need a break)

The best way to remove smoke damage and to do the job right is to create ultra high levels of ozone for a short amount of time, an hour or two.  You can hire ServePro and pay thousands or do it yourself for a fraction of the time. You can also do a better job than those folks if you follow our protocol. The Forever Ozone Smoke Removal Protocol is as such: 1) Open all cabinets and doors. 2) Turn on the HVAC system on low.(get as cold as possible) 3) Get the humidity under 30% (use dehumidifiers if needed). Use 2-3 times more ozone than usually needed in the shock treatment, 1000 mgh per 333 sq ft. 4) Perform a 2 hour shock treatment.  5) Turn on the heat to 80 degrees to destruct the ozone. 6) Place 20" box fans in the windows with cardboard above to keep air from coming, blowing outwards to remove all of the small particles that are created when you use ozone to break down smoke damage. Run those fans (how many depends on the size of the structure) for 3 hours to remove all of the air.  7) Open the windows (if the smoke is no longer in the air) to allow fresh air inside.  

We've had great success using this protocol. I was an IAQ tester before getting into ozone and having performed tests after this protocol I can assure you that the air quality is MUCH better than just doing an ozone shock treatment (what most odor remediation contractors do)  

So there you have it! Free info to promote good health! Life isn't all about making money and hording info while others suffer. I believe we were put on earth to be loving people who help others every chance we get. I wish the large Corporations thought like I do! 

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