Best Way to Remove Second Hand Smoke - Chemicals from Indoor Air.

Best Way to Remove Second Hand Smoke - Chemicals from Indoor Air.

October 16, 2018

How to remove second hand smoke damage

No, putting kitties in the room to use their lungs as smoke eaters isn't the best way to remove second hand smoke. We had a cat like that and I couldn't imagine exposing it to toxic smoke, so I chose that picture. 

Second hand smoke harms kids and pets, and since they have small lungs and take more breaths per minute than adults, we really need to do all we can to protect them from second hand smoke. This post contains valuable inside info from a former IAQ professional on the best way  to remove second hand smoke, information I assure  you won't find anywhere else. 

If you live in an apartment next to a smoker, or you have chemical problems in your living area because someone smoked in your place before you moved in, you have a serious problem.  Second hand smoke will 'off-gas' and will continue to pollute your indoor air until you do something to remediate the smoke damage. It will not only make the air you breath smell bad, it will also destroy your health over time, weakening your immune system and opening you up for respiratory illness and disease. In other words, it's not something that can or should be ignored. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should become proactive.

Addressing this situation requires a one - two punch.  If the air you breath is contaminated from one of the thousands of chemicals found in second hand smoke, or any chemicals for that matter, you will be well advised to purchase a carbon based air purifier.  When I sold air purifiers, I researched the specs on all air purifiers and air cleaners and ended up choosing to become a dealer for Airpura because of their superior design.  For second hand smoke and chemcials, you want a lot of carbon to absorb those chemicals.  Their T-600 carbon machine holds more carbon than any other machine, 26 lbs not counting the cannister (other models count the weight of the cannister - not Airpura - they're an honest company). And here's the good news - you'll never have to replace the carbon if you "ozone shock" the carbon from time to time!  It will take months for the carbon to "fill up" with chemicals - thus not being able to absorb any more - but you can re-charge and make the carbon good as new by running the machine in a room with any of our ozone generators every now and then. (depending on the smoke damage - when nobody is home) The ozone will break down whatever the carbon absorbed, thus freeing it up to soak up more chemicals and be more affective.  If you have a second hand smoke problem, utilizing the T-600 and an ozone shock treatment ozone generator such as the ones we sell is the best way to sanitize your air and remove second hand smoke or chemicals.  

What is you just use the carbon air purifier without utilizing ozone? You won't be able to get the same great results. It's a good way to rid your air of second hand smoke but not the "Best" way.  Why?  Second hand smoke damage covers every square inch of your home. It continuously off-gases and puts chemicals in the air. No air purifier or air cleaner is able of removing all of those off-gassing chemicals in real time before you breath them in! You will need to do ozone shock treatments (when nobody is home) to break down and remove those chemicals from all surfaces and from the air. The Airpura T-600 will do the rest, sucking up any chemicals or by-products that are left behind. It's the best 1-2 combination to deal with second hand smoke damage, and having been an IAQ air tester, I guarantee this to be true. Can you get the same results with just an ozone generator? Not really. You can't run the ozone generator when you're in the room (ozone isn't for breathing - it's ONLY for shock treatments in un-occupied rooms) ...and if the walls slowly emit chemicals as they off-gas (ozone shock treatments only remove the surface lawyer of smoke damage and remove the airborne chemicals during the shock treatment. In time, more chemicals will come to the surface and off-gas after the shock treatment) then having a large capacity carbon based air purifier like the Airpura T-600 working 24/7 to keep your air chemical free is very advantageous to maintaining clean indoor air. 

What does an Airpura T-600 cost? $850 new. I see them from time to time on ebay used for about $400-$500. The owners of those machines don't know that you can re-charge the carbon filter and make it good as new with ozone, hence the discounted price. If you can pick one up for under $500 that's a steal, and a good investment. The motors and fans come with a 5-10 year warranty I believe, and I've owned one for over 10 years so I can attest to the quality of the machine. I had to give-up my dealership when I started selling ozone, Airpura and all air purifier manufacturers hate ozone generators and do not approve of them even to re-charge the carbon which is a shame (but I understand they make a lot of money selling the replacement filters - and money is King in this world I guess).  That is what it is, but it's not my job to chime in on the politics of the matter, it's my job to educate the public on what works, and there you go, that's what I believe is the best way of removing second hand smoke damage or chemicals from the air.

PS. The process of removing second hand smoke with just an ozone generator and ozone shock treatments based on my experience is to perform an ozone shock treatment as cold as possible for 1 hour followed up by heating the area to as hot as possible (to force the chemicals to the surface again) then performing another ozone shock treatment when you get it cold again.  Do that several times over several days until the second hand smoke damage is 99% gone. Continue with weekly then monthly 1 hour ozone shock treatments for at least a year. (free professional inside info - I love my customers!)  

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