Are Ozone Generators Safe to Use? Yes.

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Are Ozone Generators Safe to Use? Yes.

March 10, 2019

are ozone generators safe?

Anything that is used incorrectly can be dangerous. Even water can be deadly, does that make water "toxic?"  No. It simply means you have to drink water slowly, in moderation.  Drink too much water too fast, you can die (dilutes electrolytes which messes up your bodies electrical system - cardiac arrest issue)  Is a chain saw dangerous? It can be if used incorrectly.  If you use a chain saw to try and cut 2 x 4 piece of lumber while you hold it in your hand, the lumber can kick back and the chain saw can smash into your face. You get the idea. 

So are ozone generators safe?  They are if you use them correctly. Ozone is oxygen with an extra oxygen.  Ozone gas destroys the micro-pathogens that cause odor and can rob us of our health. Nobody disputes that fact. Ozone gas in high concentrations can also kill mites and neutralize their droppings. Sports teams use ozone gas to disinfect their equipment and prevent MRSA infections. Contractors use ozone gas to permanently reverse smoke damage after a fire or if the previous homeowner smoked inside. (third hand smoke damage)  Ozone, if used correctly, is AWESOME! It all depends on how it's used. 

If you read our website, you will learn the correct way to use an ozone generator safely and effectively to address your particular issue. You can defer to a professional company and pay thousands or act as the contractor in the eyes of the law and do it yourself.  If you follow the instructions, you will, like 20,000 past Forever Ozone customers over 9 years, use our ozone generators safely and with great results. BONUS: Unlike the ozone generators you buy on ebay and Amazon, if you buy an ozone generator from us, you will get the added bonus of FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT!  Cost: Priceless. 

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