Are Ozone Generators Safe?

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Are Ozone Generators Safe?

August 29, 2017


I often search to check where Forever Ozone ranks for the word "ozone generators" on Google, the most commonly used search engine. (I recommend using DuckDuck however, more relevant results)  We're usually in the top 20, which is good. We've been as high as number 3 simply on the strength of our unique, relevant content, and the old age of our website. Lately, I've noticed that 5 or 6 of the top 20 searches for "ozone generator" on google now return websites that promote air purifiers or are government websites that misinform the public on the nature of ozone, falsely calling it a "dangerous pollutant" or "ozone pollution."  The opposite is exact; ozone gets rid of pollution. 
I blogged about this years ago, but it deserves another look, given this new dynamic on Google.  It's simple to figure out why air purifier and air cleaner companies rail against ozone generators. They want you to buy their expensive air machines that require costly replacement filters that create tremendous profits (even though they are 100% ineffective at removing the things in the air that make us sick).  But why does our government disingenuously categorize ozone as "smog" when in fact ozone is nothing more or nothing less than three oxygen atoms?  That is a little more complicated, but there is a reason.  The reason is to draw attention away from human-made pollutants and industry, the industry that creates tax dollars for Corporations.  Rather than list the industries that are creating the smog on a certain day, say diesel emissions from trucks, or emissions from coal-burning plants, by detailing the exact levels of the corresponding pollutants, they choose to measure the amount of increased ozone in the air.  The ozone that was created by nature was created to BREAK DOWN AND REMOVE MAN MADE POLLUTION from the air, and oxygen can NEVE be pollution!   Instead of telling us how much pollution from this or that industry is in the air, they simply call smog "ozone pollution" and tell us how high the ozone level has reached in parts per million.  You see, ozone is only created by nature when man-made pollutants or smoke from fires or volcanoes is present in our atmosphere in the presence of sunlight. When pollution and sunlight are current, oxygen atoms are split, and the free oxygen atom will hitch a ride on o2 to create o3 then jump off and oxidize (break down) the pollution. Without this process, we'd all die because the pollution would continue to build up and build up, but thanks to ozone and mother nature, we live to see another day.  Calling the air purifying substance (ozone) that nature creates to break down and remove the pollution from the air pollution is a lie, a lie that is promoted on the search engines, repeated by science, and repeated by our government. 
So now you know, our government calls the activated oxygen that cleans pollution "smog" for political reasons.  Disingenuous,  false propaganda, brainwashing reasons on behalf of the Corporate polluters that run our government and decided that they didn't need the heat, and nobody would question them if they pinned the blame on the substance that is charged with cleaning said pollution.  Having said all of that, ozone is a cleaner, something that destroys viruses, bacteria, molds, and parasites. It's not something that we should breathe in high concentrations, and not something that we should pump into our living spaces and breath up willy-nilly!  Nobody that sells ozone generators advocates that! We sell ozone generators to "shock" the air in the same way oxidizers are used to "shock" swimming pools, when nobody is present (humans or pets).  Ozone reverts to oxygen in about 40 minutes, after you shock the air with ozone, the bad guys are gone, and the air is purified.  You can then breathe virus, bacteria, and mold free air, and enjoy the health benefits and live allergy free (since those things harmful substances mainly cause allergies).  
So then, why does Google assist with this misinformation?  Money.  Vendors that sell expensive replacement filters, HEPA filters that cost a few dollars to make and sell for $100's of dollars in some cases, are making a tremendous profit and have plenty of money to advertise.  Vendors like us that sell ozone generators for a small markup don't make enough money to throw thousands of dollars in ad campaigns at the big three.  (Facebook, Amazon, Google). That is the main reason why the big three favor air purifier vendors selling replacement filters to ozone generator vendors, and why they push an anti-ozone agenda in general. "But don't they know that the HEPA filters will not address the substances in the air that make them sick and cause allergies, mainly airborne molds, viruses, bacteria, and insect feces?"  I'm not sure "they" know those things, that's why I'm here creating relevant content, educating the masses on how to create clean, pure indoor air to relieve oneself of allergy symptoms.  The sad truth is that the most innocent among us, the very young and very old,  are most susceptible to polluted indoor air.  Those are the two groups that who would benefit most from frequent ozone shock treatments performed when the house is unoccupied.  Why?  Infants breath many more times per minute than do adults and older people often have compromised or diminished lung function. Those groups spend most of their time indoors to make matters worse.  Their lungs become the air cleaners, sucking up that disgusting potpourri of dead skin, dust mites, dust mite feces, and insect feces that makes up the vast majority of those tiny dust particles we see floating around. When you perform a weekly ozone shock treatment, you will destroy the biologically active "crap" that wreaks havoc on our health.  Before getting into ozone, I worked as an environmental engineer testing the indoor air in homes where people fell ill for insurance companies.  Nine out of 10 times the number one allergen (besides toxic mold) that was causing health issues was insect feces which is very biologically active and wreaks havoc on our immune system. HEPA filters do NOTHING to kill the biologically active "crap" in the air that makes us sick. Ozone does. That's how I learned about ozone. When I saw how much ServePro charges for ozone shock treatments (sometimes thousands of dollars insurance companies are happy to pay), I decided that I was in the wrong business!  By creating Forever Ozone years ago, I single-handedly brought the price of even the Chinese made ozone generators down from the $350 range to the $79 range myself (thank you very much!). I'm sure my name is mud in certain quarters, ozone generator vendors to be exact, but so be it,  ozone generators are simple machines and the profit margins back then were WAY out of whack with what is a fair profit margin.  Now things are going in the opposite direction because of China, and it's hard to make money selling ozone generators, but the cream will always rise to the top and I'm confident God (and the universe) will continue to inspire me with innovations and ideas that keep making ozone more and more accessible to the masses.  Anyway, I digress!  Back to the problem with HEPA machines.
As we move around, we kick up billions of particles of dust every minute that float around for many hours before settling back down. (unless human lungs suck them up). HEPA machines don't move enough air to keep up with that constantly "kicked-up" dust because their fans are not powerful enough.  I have a sensitive dust particle meter that measures the amount of dust in the air.   Even if you have a $1000 IQ Air purifier running on high and making a ton of noise, the dust meter will show elevated levels of dust in the air while the machine is running if people are walking around, sitting down in the room.  The basic truth is that the only thing HEPA machines do is make money for the vendors, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and that's the bottom line, 100%.  But don't expect this information to become known by more than 0.0000001% of the population thanks to Google that promotes Corporate greed, because let's face it, they're not in business to educate, they're in business to make money.  The same paradigm flaw cooked into our healthcare system to ensure we manage illness rather than find cures, greed, is truly the root of all evil that plagues humanity. 
So then what is the solution to creating clean indoor air?  1) Frequent 1-hour ozone shock treatments when nobody is home.  2) Run the HVAC system in the "ON" position 24/7 and change your MERV 11 furnace filter every three weeks (it will need it, they will turn black, but better them than your lungs)  That is the best way to address the dust issue.  Buy the MERV 11 filters in the case on eBay for $5 a piece.  3) Put a UVC induct system in your HVAC system to kill most of the bad things that float around. Your HVAC system is designed to filter all of the air in your home two times per hour, something a HEPA machine can't do because it can't move 3000 CFM like your air handler!  There you go! The truth on how to obtain clean indoor air, and the facts about ozone. Not only is it not smog, it is the good guy! 

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Mike Seguin
Mike Seguin

February 09, 2019

Many thanks for the TRUTH. Scumbags have been playing this “don’t cure” only “manage” illness and social evils for centuries. Time “they” were eradicated.

Viorel Lionide
Viorel Lionide

August 29, 2018

God bless you for this blog!
I hope your company will exist forever.

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