Amazon Ozone Generators Exposed

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Amazon Ozone Generators Exposed

August 15, 2017

Amazon job killers

If you believe we should "Make America Great Again" or if you want your children to have a bright economic future, you should be worried about Amazon. We already know that Amazon is a job killer in the USA by allowing Chinese factories to bypass re-sellers and dump product directly into Amazon's US warehouses.  Those re-sellers employ Americans, but now Amazon has gone even further and will soon enable their customers to rip-off US sellers without giving the seller's any recourse. This is making us consider pulling our products from Amazon altogether, even though we've sold there for over 8 years.

What is Amazon going to do that is so un-American, anti-business?  They are going to allow customers to get their money back without even having to return the merchandise! Basically, they're going to start allowing customers to rip off the seller.  That is wrong!  (read about it here)  


Put yourself in the shoes of the business owner. Do you think someone could stay in business given these variables?  1. Having to pay Amazon a 16% commission. 2) Having to pay to ship both ways on a purchase a customer decides to return after using your product, no questions asked, no restocking fee. 3) In some cases allowing the customer to keep the product and get a refund.  What is worse, at least for sellers of ozone generators, is that ozone generators are products that are offered for rent since some people only need them for a one-time event.  This new Amazon policy effectively kills the ozone generator rental business.  Why would anyone rent an ozone generator when they could buy it on Amazon and get it shipped to them free of charge, returned free of charge, and even allowed to keep the machine and get your money back in most cases! The ripoff artists are chomping at the bit for this new policy to kick-in! They're going to put a lot of naive sellers out of business.  Profit margins are going to plummet once this new policy goes into effect. Why should Amazon care? They don't care about making a profit (They've only made a few million in profits their whole existence, all they care about is their stock price and putting their competition out of business!)  


I see another obvious problem with buying an ozone generator on Amazon once this new policy takes effect beginning on October 2nd.  If you buy an ozone generator on Amazon, chances are you're going to be buying a  used ozone generator that was used and then returned.  The seller will simply wipe it down with a rag to get any visible dust off of it and re-ship it to the next guy. How will you be able to tell? You won't.  What if that ozone generator was used in a toxic mold environment? You'll be blowing toxic mold into your space.  I doubt the sellers will just throw away a returned ozone generator (or any item sold on Amazon)  Since the ozone rental industry will effectively be put out of business, there be no place to liquidate used ozone generators. Buyers of ozone generators on Amazon will probably have a 50-50 chance of getting a used ozone generator once this new policy goes into effect.  Besides that, most of the ozone generators sold on Amazon anyway are the cheap, low ozone output 3500 to 5000 mg/h Chinese variety which are only good for doing one room at a time, not an entire house (what we sell, enough ozone power to do the entire home in one shot).  So buying an ozone generator on Amazon has never been wise, unless you just need to do a room for a one-shot ozone treatment, and  you want to use it free of charge and rip-off the seller (Unless you buy one of our units of course)   If that's what you're looking for, (Get a free ozone generator without having to rent it) then do I have a deal for you! (Amazon)  If you're honest and support US businesses and families, then I suggest you take your business elsewhere (Like buying directly from or one of the many other US ozone generator manufacturers. 


PS. Another reason I dislike Amazon is they allow Chinese vendors to rip-off US inventors. (read more

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