100% Potent Ozonated Oil Now Available in San Diego California.

100% Potent Ozonated Oil Now Available in San Diego California.

March 18, 2019

Forever Ozone Oil

We've been making 100% potent ozonated oil for years and using it ourselves and gifting it to friends. Some have had miraculous results. I won't go into detail because I have no proof. No photographic evidence. That will soon change.

Starting now Forever Ozone will sell 100% potent ozonated oil in San Diego California with free next day personal delivery. (but someone on our staff, not UPS or Fedex)  You MUST be home to receive the oil so that you can immediately place it in your freezer. We will deliver it frozen (from our freezer to a bag of ice) so that it retains all of the ozone we infuse into the oil.  The ozonated oil you buy online,  unless it is packed in dry ice (that's how ozone doctors receive their oil - so it's okay to buy from them) arrives to you with little or no ozone. Why?  Ozone dissipates at room temperatures in around 40 minutes whether it's in the air, water, or oil. Now, the oil was "ozonated" and bubbling ozone into oil does change the composition of the oil, but does the oil you buy online actually contain any ozone once it arrives to you? Only if it was packed in dry ice or purchased from an ozone doctor, from what I've seen, they buy in bulk and require it be shipped next day air in dry ice. (and you pay for that premium).  

To enjoy the benefits of ozonated oil, you have to make it yourself, buy it from an ozone doctor, buy it packed in dry ice, or live in Phoenix and buy one of our ozonated oil blends. We have three.  One for the gums (edible, olive oil, sunflower oil, and 2 other edible oils), one for skin conditions (neem oil, tea tree oil, bergamot oil, cedarwood oil, eucalyptus oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, and 1 other oil), and one for the scalp and for hair growth (ozonated castor oil). Once we establish the incredible benefits of these oils (via before and after photos) we plan on establishing Forever Ozone ozonated oil dealerships around the country.  

If you don't live in San Diego and want to make 100% potent ozonated oils, you can buy our $799 medical grade 5000 mg/h ozone machine and oxygen concentrator and make it yourself. The manual for that unit lists the exact oils we use to make the skin treatment ozone oil.  


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