10,000 mg/h Transformers and Plates now "a la carte".

10,000 mg/h Transformers and Plates now "a la carte".

November 29, 2017

Forever ozone stolid state transformer

We will still sell our 10,000 or 20,000 milligrams per hour "bare bones" ozone generators, but for now on, we're going to lower the price a few bucks and allow the customer to order the parts they need "a la carte".  If you have old computer cords laying around, for instance, you can just order the transformer and plate. If you already have some ozone plates and cables and just need the transformers, you can only order the transformer for $22.  We will have to charge shipping on transformer orders under $49 (a flat $5 shipping rate), but orders for ozone plates or other small products will continue to be free, even under $49.  


Why are we making this change? We want to push our customers to utilize our box fan conversion kit to build their ozone generator. If you already own one of our 20,000 mg/h units and a fan, for $160 more you can convert your box fan into a "whole home" 40,000 mgh ozone generator that shoots ozone straight up into your HVAC system's air return. That's by far the best way to perform a "high ozone concentration ozone shock treatment" as well as the best way to keep the ozone plates cool to ensure low nitrous oxide production. (the burnt ozone smell you get when you run your ozone machine for extended periods with hot ozone plates).  


We thank our customers for helping keep us inspired and working to create the best "bang for your buck" ozone generators possible. 

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